You're invited to

an Open House | Wedding Shower for

Taylor + Kailey

Who: ALl those wishing to bid Taylor and Kailey a happy marriage

What: an open house/wedding shower + snacks and refreshments

When: Sunday, May 7th @ 1:00Pm-3:00PM

Where: 1900 Barker

Why: to celebrate the marriage of Taylor and Kailey 

On a cold, sub-zero morning in December, Taylor and Kailey went for a hike. What was supposed to be a campfire Christmas-tradition turned into so much more... As the snow flakes started to fall there on the icy Lake Perry, Kailey said "yes" as Taylor dropped to his knee. The two had met in 2014 when Kailey moved to Lawrence to receive her Masters in Speech Pathology at KU. As she learned her way around Lawrence she quickly took note of Taylor, a boy behind the counter at the Mass Street Soda shop. Not long after, Kailey discovered that Taylor was a part of the church she had started attending and thought to herself, "I could really get used to this town I think.". Taylor was busy pouring his time into starting a bakery then and while Kailey tried everything in her means to grab his attention, he remained unaware of most everything around him... including her. When the bakery opened, it took Taylor away from the Soda Shop where Kailey had become a regular patron. There, Taylor slowly -very slowly - began to look away from his loaves of bread and notice the girl that would sit at table one -  she went to his church, and to the soda shop and now would order a large coffee with cream and read at his shop for hours. One day, after over a year of waiting on him to suggest something more than a high five, Taylor managed to ask Kailey out to lunch. There at the Community Mercantile, Taylor promptly bought Kailey's meal saying "you've been such a loyal customer, it's the least I can do." They fell in love shortly thereafter despite Taylor's terrible pick up lines and the rest is happily ever after. 

Taylor and Kailey will be getting married in Paola, KS on July 1st and living in their new house together in North Lawrence.


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