Taylor - left | Reagan - right

Taylor - left | Reagan - right

The bread at 1900 Barker is made using freshly-milled grain from the best farms we can find; right now that looks like sourcing most of our flour from Central Milling, an organic grain mill in Utah. All of what we do is really simple; we use the best grain and a little salt, substantial amounts of water and naturally-occurring, wild yeasts to create all of the flavor in our bread. Because we're so particular about the process and the health of the ingredients that we use, we don't have to hide behind additives, sweeteners or oils to create the flavor and texture that we want. This naturally-leavened process also makes for healthier bread because we're using most-to-all of the whole grain and allowing the wild yeast to transform the proteins in the grain over a long period of time. This creates a bread that actually meets the requirements of our bodies and the end result is a flavor-rich, soft, moist and airy interior known as the "crumb" and an unusually-long shelf life for a bread made completely preservative-free

Moving forward we hope to set up our own flour milling operation nearby the bakery which will allow us to bake with even more grain diversity


Taylor and Reagan Petrehn owners of 1900 Barker.

Taylor got his start in the food business at 14 years old behind the candy counter at Dean and Deluca in Leawood, Kansas; two years later he started culinary school at JCCC and went on to graduate with honors at 19 years old as the youngest to ever complete their culinary program. Later, after several years pursuing fine dining, Taylor stumbled into baking and soon realized that making bread and serving people was what he was designed for. Two years after starting 1900 Barker, Taylor was nominated as a semi-finalist for the 2017 James Beard Awards in the Outstanding Baker category.

Reagan found his talent in coffee when he was 17 years old and began working his way through the KC coffee community over the next few years. In 2013, after working for Revocup, the Roasterie and Parisi Coffee, Reagan moved to China to spend a year as a trainer for a large American-owned coffee company and went on to become a Certified Trainer with the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe. In 2014, Taylor was able to pursuade him to move to Lawrence and become a critical piece of the 1900 Barker - Bakery and Cafe. 

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